Animation and Marketing go together like peanut butter & jelly!

Here are a few reasons why choosing animation as a marketing tool is an awesome idea.
You can Deliver a Message Instantly!
Replace dull, dense text with compelling images and emotional audio. Viewers are more likely to engage with multimedia than to read. Animation allows us to deliver core marketing messages using effective multimedia, but without the fear of being viewed as overly blunt. Animation can simplify the complicated.

Animation is Lighthearted
Cartoons incite positive, lighthearted connections from our youth. When marketers use animation today, they can sidestep the weight of life, the cumbersome aspects of many choices, and simply tap into their audiences more primary, innocent perception.

They are Easy to Absorb and Measurable
Animation makes content appealing. It perks up our senses and keeps us more interested in what we are watching. It enables marketers to gain the same engagement as other video formats, but with an unusually frank marketing voice. Animated marketing videos can be fun enough to share. Surveys show that up to 65 percent of online audiences share animated videos with their friends after watching them.

Animated videos won’t necessarily replace the analytical reasoning of a decision-maker, they have the influence of lowering their guard, and serving as icebreakers that can warm up audiences with humor.

Simplistic animations are one of the most cost effective forms of delivering information for a marketer. Just consider the costs of a traditional video, such as set design, location shoots, production costs and paying models or spokespersons.

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