Instant Product Promo

Do you have a new product or app that you want to promote?  Forget about filming a boring, cookie-cutter commercial that reminds us all of a 90s infomercial. Don’t even think about spending hours on a lackluster presentation.  Instead, pair up your product with an exciting animated video, that will explain your product, and a custom made presentation! This is perfect for the next conference or trade show that you may be attending. This is also great for the content needed for crowdfunding sites.

Check Out This Explainer Video!

  • Keep It Simple
    • 1 Minute Animated Explainer Video
    • Brochure Design
  • The Whole Shebang
    • 1 Minute Animated Explainer Video
    • Custom PowerPoint Presentation
    • Brochure Design
    • Interactive PDF

How It Works


This is where it all begins. We will schedule a call with you so that we can learn about your product and what it is you need.


This is the most important part of the explainer video. We will brainstorm some ideas and then present you with a 1st draft script. we want to work closely with you to perfect it.


We will design a look based on the script and the identity of your brand.

We will hold an audition and recommend some voiceover options to you. We want to match the voice with your message and target audience.


This is where the “magic” happens. We bring your story to life.


This is the step where we will add an awesome soundtrack and sound effects to your video.

Free Creative Consultation