John Wick Chapter 2

Summary: They killed his puppy and took his car, so he killed almost everyone in the criminal underground. Now they figure, hey this guy seems reasonable so let’s blow up his house and see what’s good.

Did you like John Wick? No, seriously did you love everything about it? If yes then this is the movie for you. Did you not see John Wick but thought “Man I think I might like this movie,”? If yes then this is the movie for you. Did you hear about John Wick 2 having seen the first and think, “This will be completely new and fresh my body is ready.”? Well… then… I dunno watch it to watch it because it is not that.

Don’t get me wrong here, the movie was fast paced, well choreographed and entertaining as checkers on a chipmunk, however, there are a lot of moments that are almost exactly the same as JW. Which, to be completely fair is hard to avoid when the point of both movies is one man plowing through hoards of enemies with the main difference being location, and it did seriously try. However, there were a lot of sequences that, in essence, that were reminiscent of the original, and at times of previous scenes. Though this criticism is minor at best, even the repeats were done with a flare that the original didn’t have and most of the sequences raised the stakes enough to add even more hype to the movie.

The point I had the most contention for was the initial reasoning for the start of the rampage. In JW the transgression was excusable. I mean how Theon Greyjoy didn’t know who John was when EVERYONE EVER did was odd however excusable, maybe he didn’t know anything about the workings of his father’s business until after John had left the business, maybe he simply never paid attention when someone explained who he was, the man was enough of a tool for that to be true. However, in this movie, the provocation is dealt knowing full well who John is and what he can do, which is crazy. It was also odd that John even ended up in that situation knowing, or at least suspecting, that the man was crazy enough to do something rash if refused. Basically, based on what John clearly knew, it seems odd that he couldn’t avoid having his house go up in flames. Then again if you see what he’d do to his car to prove a point I suppose there is a basis for this logic.

All in all, it wasn’t the best action film ever, but it’s really hard to make that argument when you forget to eat your popcorn because your mouth is hanging open.



Spoilers past this point, if you haven’t seen the movie then now would be the time to move on.

No seriously, if John knew there was no way out of the Marker request, why did he even refuse? He knew there would be reproductions, and I say he knew because everyone he talked to knew Santino was a basket case and even he predicted the double cross to the point of planting guns to defend against it. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for him to immediately agree to expect the betrayal? So then he could get vengeance on Santino for forcing him back in justified by the fact that he fulfilled the contract and was backstabbed and in the process keeping his house? I dunno, I suppose he knew but hoped Santino would let it go, and the flaming house helped raise the stakes for his inevitable rampage, but it just seemed so avoidable.


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