Animated Series Pitch

Do you have an awesome concept for a hit animated television series? Our team will put the ideas in your head on paper and screen!

The Essentials That You Get:

  • 2 minute 2D Animated Trailer Video
  • Storyboards
  • Character Design

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Be Prepared

Here are a few key elements that are needed for your Pitch Bible/Pitch Book.

Character Descriptions:
Written descriptions of each character, what are their characteristics and how they interact with the other characters in the story.

Concept Art:
Drawings, illustrations or images of the characters and the environments of the story.

Episode Synopsis:
One-paragraph description of episodic plots that spring from the original concept; each episodes synopsis should contain a beginning, middle and end.

Drawing, illustrations of the characters and the environments of the story.

Script Treatment:
A treatment covers the full story, its basic ideas, and production issues in a condensed form, containing key scenes, locations, main characters and plot.

A produced synopsis of the animated story, which helps to sell the concept.

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